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Things To Know Before Ordering

1. You no longer have to wait days for gift cards to be delivered. You choose your own delivery time.

2. Gift cards are supplied by Sheldon Store. This means gift card authenticity is guaranteed.

3. All orders are processed and delivered manually.

4. Delivery may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control such as (but not limited to) time zone difference and total order volumes.

5. Delivery time is also affected by cryptocurrency transaction/confirmation speed, as orders are delivered only after payment is fully received/confirmed and processed.

6. Gift card sms/email delivery available.

7. Paying with cryptocurrencies? Please be advised that due to cryptocurrency price volatility, there may be additional fees up to 13%, depending on the coin/token you choose to pay with.

8. Your gift card never expires (this may vary based on the type of gift card) and remains unredeemed till you are ready to use.

9. All cryptocurrencies supported by Sheldon Store is accepted here as well. Meaning you can pay with over 100 coins.

About Us

Sheldon Store

store owner

Fast Codes is a service by Sheldon Store - an online general merchandise retail store. Fast Codes was created to serve the ever growing demand for gift cards and created especially for getting gift cards to its receiver at the fastest time possible. We also give you the option to choose how fast you want your gift cards delivered, giving you more control over delivery times.

Gift cards supplied by Sheldon Store